As the NHS are currently only testing for Coronavirus to hospitalised patients we have been inundated with requests to provide a private test. We are dedicated to supporting our community and our clients through this difficult time, therefore we can now confirm we are able to offer paid tests, via our practice with a minimum 3 day result turnaround.

Most importantly, this is the only test in the world that can identify the lethal Covid-19 virus and differentiate between 9 other non lethal viruses with the same symptoms. Which means if you have a cold or influenza and not the virus you will know very quickly.


Once the test has been ordered it is couriered to your home or preferred address, where you take sample swabs from both the nostrils and throat. The sample is then placed in the box provided and posted back to our lab partner.


We test for Covid-19 and 9 other viruses including MERS, SARS and Influenza A and B.

In summary, we will test for:

  • 2019-nCoV
  • Coronavirus 229E/NL63
  • Coronavirus OC43/HKUI
  • Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV)
  • Pan-Coronavirus (SARS,SARS like, 2019-nCoV)
  • Adenovirus A/B/C/D/E
  • Enterovirus A/B/C
  • Influenza A
  • Influenza B
  • Rhinovirus A/B

The test is performed by a world renown UKAS accredited British laboratory and the test results are 100% accurate and do not require further tests to confirm any diagnoses. All of the necessary due diligence has been performed, assessing the sensitivity and specificity of the test and it is 100% accurate. The whole process is overseen by The Bourne House Practice.


If you test positive for Covid-19 or any other virus, our clinic will inform you of the initial steps about what to do, how to engage with the NHS and your GP. Our mental heath and nutrition team are also on hand to give you advice and support when you need it, for you and your family.


Positive Covid-19 results will be shared with the NHS so that cases can be properly tracked as it is a notifiable disease. What we offer is not a rival diagnostic test that is going to supplant NHS testing. Rather, this is a definitive and 100% accurate diagnostic tool that businesses and private patients can use.


We will not be taking swabs at our clinic, these are home tests only and they are designed to give you a clear result at the time the swabs are taken.


We are working on launching our online shop. In the meantime you can purchase your test through us directly by phone or email.

To order your test directly, call us on +44 (0)1386 852 601 or email us:


How long does it take for the test kit to arrive, once ordered?

Once you’ve ordered your kit from us, we will dispatch this within 48 hours or less usually but please be aware that there is high demand and therefore orders are being processed as quickly as possible.

Can I come to the clinic to pick up the test kit?

You can order a test at our practice, but you cannot pick it up from us. All tests must be preordered and then they will be sent to your home or preferred address. Do not attend our clinic if you are showing any symptoms or if you have concern you may have the virus.

If I am starting to feel better, should I still get the test?

The test is effective until such time as your body has developed immunity.  This would usually mean until a few days after your symptoms have diminished.

Would the test show if I have had the virus already?

The test is only for viruses which are currently in your body, the test will not reveal whether you have previously had the virus

I want to buy these to keep in case we get the virus. What is the expiry date?

The test kits will last for 6 months.

How do the test kits arrive? How do we return them?

They arrive by courier. The kits are in a box that is sent back to the lab. We recommend using a private courier service or special delivery post.

There are a lot of people trying to sell tests online. What is different with yours and why should I trust you?

The laboratory that performs the test is an established UKAS accredited laboratory with over 35 years experience. The tests has undergone stringent testing and ensures 100% accuracy.

Do you inform my GP?

If you test positive for Covid-19, we are obliged to inform Public Health England. Your results including the test results for all the other viruses are emailed to you within three days. Our clinic will offer you guidance should you test positive for Covid-19.

Can I use the test on children under 2 or what are the age restrictions?

There are no age restrictions but we request written parental or guardian consent.

What is the time scale?

We are now expecting shipping to be same day which means that it is delivered within 48 hours. You will then need to post the result back the same day as you take the sample.  The results are received within three days of receipt of the samples. If the client sends the samples to the lab promptly, you can have your results within 5 days.

How long does it take for results to come through?

3 working days as a minimum.

Can you describe the test?

It involves taking two swabs from the nose and the throat. Clear instructions are provided.  It’s very straightforward. Please use gloves to take these tests and seal them back in the boxes. Please be vigilant if you think you might have the virus.

Is my information secure?


Will I be kept informed?

Yes, results take 5 days for the test to complete and you will be informed by email if the result is negative for Covid-19 and by direct phone call with supporting advice if it is positive.

Can I get an appointment to do the test?

No. All testing is done at home with list sent via couriers.

Are the tests validated?

The tests have been stringently tested and pass NHS accreditation. The laboratory is one of the largest testing laboratory in the world and provides an authorised report with the laboratory’s accreditation.

Can I book to have the test done today?

No. All orders are processed via directly ordering through our clinic and test kits are sent out to the client’s address. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Who does our Covid-19 Testing?

The laboratory that we use is located within the United Kingdom and is one of the largest labs in the world.

The testing method for 2019-nCoV Coronavirus Covid-19 is a molecular assay based on the detection of the nucleic material (RNA) within the virus.  Whereas other testing methods are based on the detection of antibodies which are only produced as a response to the infection, detection of viral RNA allows for the identification of an infection at a much earlier stage after an initial exposure.

The company is subjected to rigorous external inspections by Regulatory Authorities worldwide, including to date, six inspections by the USA Food and Drug Administration.


As per the current Government and NHS advice, use the NHS 111 online coronavirus service if:
  • You feel you cannot cope with your symptoms at home
  • Your condition gets worse
  • Your symptoms do not get better after 7 days

You can use the online NHS Coronavirus service HERE.