Hormones are the chemical engine to how we feel physically and emotionally. Our comprehensive range of hormone tests, gives our clients and practitioners the ability to work with your bodies chemistry and help to bring it back on track. From female hormone tests, male hormone tests to examining hormones for our mental health programs they are vital part of understanding your mind and body.



A DNA test can help our nutritionist develop a preventative program of treatment which is bespoke to each client. It’s an incredible ability to be able to see if we are prone to certain diseases, or health concerns through a future lens, but this can also be a pandora’s box of information. Therefore, we only provide DNA tests to clients who are committed to a program of treatment with a nutritionist or clinical herbalist.



From allergens, to gut health and probiotics, we offer a range of tests designed to give a clear picture of your bodies resilience and health. Gut health is particularly important and can be responsible for many diseases.  Our nutritionist and diagnostic technician will guide you through your results and create a program which will have a huge impact on your over all health.



Sometimes its just good to see what’s going on with our bodies so we can give it the best and most bespoke care it needs! That’s why we offer a full diagnostic test covering all your major functions so you can see for yourself the changes you may need to make in your life to better support your physical health, from changing your diet to improving your environment.

Our diagnostic tests are taken by our team and sent to our lab partners. Then we discuss the results directly with you and create a bespoke program to suit your needs.  If you’ve got some questions you want answered, just drop us an email.