We are passionate about using new therapies and treatments which do not harm the body, and believe in exploring a natural approach to health care. Our clinic services whilst specialist, are designed for any age, any body and for any stage of life so we can deliver the best form of treatment for you. To get started book an initial consultation with us.


Your health and wellbeing shouldn’t be considered once you have a problem, we believe that preventative care builds resilience and allows you to live a full and happy life. Our preventative service is there to help you to grow through the years with an understanding of how your individual mind and body works, and build resilience from within.

Transformative – Healthy Mind

Our healthy mind services are for all areas of mental health and mindset change. These include anxiety, trauma, depression, overwhelment, addiction, stress management, weight management, eating disorders, fears and general support to help shift your thoughts so they start to be a benefit to you.

Supportive – Healthy Body

Your body needs love and care so it will be able to support you throughout your life. Our healthy body services include nutrition programs as well as full diagnostic tests, so we can understand what your body needs to help it to flourish and feel great. No matter what your goals are from weight loss or gain, to just wanting to treat your body better we can help.

Women’s Clinic

We are a specialist women’s clinic and believe in a 360 approach where we not only look at the changes in your body, but also your mind and thoughts. We are passionate about women’s health and are experts in this area. So whether your concerns are post natal, menopausal or feelings of anxiety and lack of confidence, we will work with you to help you get your mind and body back under your control and working towards your goals what ever they maybe.

Discreet and Home Appointments

We understand some of our clients may prefer to be seen at home or visit us discreetly. Therefore we offer a home visit service, or our discreet service where we can accommodate you or your family exclusively at the practice.



Self-care means putting in the ground work now so our future self can flourish, no matter what age we are. Our renowned self-care program is designed to clear thoughts and emotions which have a detrimental effect on your mental health, cleanse your body and give you the tools you need to truly care for yourself in a way that fits around your lifestyle. This isn’t about challenging yourself, setting huge goals and then finding they are unachievable, this is back to basics about who you are and how to really care for your unique mind and body.

Duration 6 weeks

Includes 3 x consultation with our founder Ruth Adams, a mental health program, diagnostic tests, natural pharmacy package, coaching and mindfulness training and self care protocols.


Our menopause program is a ground breaking new way of treating mental and physical health from perimenopause through to post-menopause.  We are able to work with you to make this time as easy and comfortable as we can for you, naturally, so you feel  supported and educated in all areas of this changeable time.

Duration 8 weeks (with intensive and ongoing after care)

Includes 6 x consultation with our founder Ruth Adams, a mental health program, Hormone diagnostic tests, nutrition program, natural pharmacy package, coaching and mindfulness training and self care protocols and the option for a Bio Identical Hormone Treatment.

Gut Health

A happy stomach makes for a happy body and mind!  Our gut health program is able to reset and improve your digestion, strengthen your immune system and give your body what it needs to help build a resistance to dis-ease.

Led by our Senior Nutritionist this program is tailored specifically for you and your bodies needs.

Duration 10 weeks

Includes 5 x consultation with our senior nutritionist, mindfulness and visualization package, diet plan and supplements, diagnostic test, exercise program and apothecary package.


Learning to become more aware of your mind is a vital skill for you and your children in a world that is increasingly designed to distract us from our priorities, disorientates and causes overwhelment.

Our structured mindfulness program will become the foundation of a life long practice that will increase your mental resilience and give you skills to help you and your family live mindfully and in harmony.

Duration 8 weeks

Includes 8 x guided sessions with a mindfulness teacher, home mindfulness recordings and an apothecary package.